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Major Achievments


Following our efforts to continue presenting standard services and our steamed clients satisfaction, it is our pleasure to present you a brief about the major projects we have implemented in the oil & gas Companies in Egypt relative to the short period of our company establishment.

  • De-sludge and cleaning of the storage tank NO: 732 Alex. Petroleum company

  • De-sludge and cleaning of the crude oil storage tank NO: 735 Alex Petroleum company

  • Complete overhauling of the storage tank NO: 732 ( inspection, Bottom replacement, partial shell replacement/two courses from the shell, sand blasting, painting, and constructing a new steam coil

  • Cutting, transporting, and storing of 1000 tons of unused pipes graded from 30” to 2” Alex Petroleum company

  • Cleaning and complete overhauling of two storage tanks T-S-1 & T-S- 2 9inspection, bottom replacement, two courses from the shell replacement, corroded parts of the roof replacement, sand blasting and painting, breathing valves installation and new F. Fighting system) ESHPETCO Petroleum Company

  • De-sludge of six storage tanks 136000 Metric tons capacity for each

  • Fire Proofing of the Gas plant facilities UGD Port Said

  • Blockage removal at 4” pipeline 800 meter length in PETROSILA buried pipeline

  • Disposal of 1000 tons of hazard waste for NORTH ALAMIN Oil company

  • Complete over hauling of the nitrogen unite in Alex Petroleum company

  • Complete overhauling of the cold cutting machine in Alex Petroleum company

  • Manpower supply for AL MANSOURA Petroleum Company ( Rig Crews rig 9 and 12)

  • Man power supply in Alex petroleum company ( oil refining and lubricant oils workshops, tank farm cleaning, insulations workshops)

  • ASSUIT refining company Emergency plan

  • CAIRO METRO HSE Manual and Emergency plan

  • Training courses to GUPCO, PETROBEL, ESHPETCO, Alex Petroleum Company, PETROGULF, QARUN, GPC, HBS, COOPERATION petroleum company, ASSUIT Petroleum company and GASCO UAE

  • PEROGULF Audit of the offshore plat forms